CrossReads Short takes: Transformation & How To Meditate In God’s Word & Why

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CrossReads Short takes



by Kevin Harrison Sr


How does anger and hate towards God end for us? Is God worthy of us blaming and cursing Him because our loved one died or things don’t happen as we plan?

“Transformation: When suffering resulted in changing me from being Hell-bound” is a book about a young man who blamed and cursed God for his grandmother’s death. Traumatized from the feeling that God did not heal, his grandmother, per his prayer, sent this young man over the edge with fear and confusion. After cursing God for disappointing him, he became evil and suffered (inwardly) due to his choice to live apart from God’s protection and provisions (until…).


“When everything around me began to fall apart, I found myself hating life…suicidal…angry with God, and hell became my unconscious choice.” “Without warning, an urge to cry out to God for help came over me.”

Facts: The death of a loved one can cause the nicest person to become evil and turn against God, family, and life?

Fast forward – What happens if you were able to see where your soul ends after death? Would you do or say things differently? Read how God’s love transformed this young man and can change you as well. Don’t let pride, fear, and hate to justify your position as God’s enemy!





How To Meditate In God’s Word & Why

Meditation Transformation Victory

by Sheldon Newton

How To Meditate In God's Word & Why

When the Holy Spirit opens the Bible to you, the biblical instruction imparted will transform your life. Meditation in God’s Word is the key, for it positions you to receive revelation knowledge of the scriptures. When the Word of God becomes alive in your heart, your Bible study will allow you to understand more-and much more- of the will, plan and purpose of the Father. His Word will become your “daily bread” revealing God’s Word, bringing an explosion within your spirit on a consistent basis, renewing your mind. Your prayer life will be revolutionized and your walk with God will go to greater levels and deeper dimensions. Scriptures that once seemed veiled and hidden from you will come alive within you, bringing vitality and healing to your body, and peace, rest and quietness to your mind, regardless of the circumstances you may be facing. You will tap into the Mind of Christ and learn God’s will in every situation you face. Moreover, the word of God will abide within you so richly, the Bible explained so vividly, that you will remember scripture with effortless ease. According to the scriptures, meditation in the word day and night results in prosperity of the soul and the life. Learn how to meditate and experience the mighty power of God’s transforming Word!


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