CrossReads Short Takes: Throne of Grace & THE CHRISTMAS CAROL 2.0 12/13/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Throne of Grace

(Cliff Walk Courtships Book 1)

by Cecily K. Wolfe

Throne of Grace

Can a newly Christian young man convince his mother’s maid that his love for her is worth more than his inherited life of luxury?

Josie is content as a maid in a rich cottager’s mansion along the Cliff Walk of beautiful Newport, Rhode Island, but the arrival of her employer’s handsome, pensive son tempts her into a relationship that while chaste, is forbidden between their social classes in the Gilded Age of 1893.

After travels abroad have led Arthur in search of a deeper connection with his Lord, he returns home to find love with his mother’s maid, a Christian girl with a heart full of love and charity. Can they overcome their families’ refusal to accept their attachment, or is their relationship doomed from their very first meeting on the romantic Cliff Walk?









The Conversion Of MR Scrooge

by Michael Yeager


“The Conversion Of Mr Scrooge” is a compelling and transformative story that revisits a classic tale from the 1800s, infusing it with deep biblical implications and a contemporary twist. The narrative centers around a man whose life is consumed by greed, depicting his profound and spiritual transformation. Despite appearing beyond the hope of salvation, this man experiences a miraculous encounter with God, showcasing the theme that no soul is too lost to be saved.

This modern retelling begins with an insightful prologue that provides a spiritual analysis of the original story, offering readers a fresh perspective on its timeless themes. The book delves into the powerful dynamics of redemption and grace, illustrating how divine intervention can alter the course of a seemingly irredeemable life. Through its vivid storytelling and deeply spiritual messages, “The Conversion Of Mr Scrooge” serves as a beacon of hope, reminding readers of the ever-present possibility of transformation and salvation.


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