CrossReads Short Takes: The Prodigal Pastor & The Fighting Son 1/18/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Prodigal Pastor

A Small Town Valentine’s Day Romance

by Janice Cole Hopkins

The Prodigal Pastor

Brooke Bennett had the best news ever. After years of trying, she and David were going to have a baby. She knew her husband would be just as thrilled as she was, and she prepared him a special celebratory supper, dressed up, and waited for him. However, he never came home. Later that night, she clutched a note she found on her pillow into a crumpled mess, not believing what he’d written. David was leaving her and the megachurch where he’d been the senior pastor. They’d hit some snags in their marriage, but something like this had never crossed her mind. David had always been the love of her life. What would she do now? The church wouldn’t allow her to remain in the parsonage for long.

Three months later David looked at the irate woman he’d left Brooke for and couldn’t believe his stupidity, couldn’t believe his sinfulness. He’d deserted his wife, his church, and his God for the selfish music director who had once stroked his ego. Valerie had already spent all his money from the bank accounts he’d cleaned out. Now, what was he going to do?






The Fighting Son

(Flying People Series Book 3)

by Danny Mac

The Fighting Son

Having retired from the Special Forces to work retail security, Rod is certain of his past and confident in the future. That is, until the day he steps into his familiar cozy kitchen only to realize it’s not so cozy after all. Rod is sent plummeting into another dimension and he’s right back in action. But with the support of his high school sweetheart, surely he can take on anything. Beginning an extraordinary adventure, Rod retrieves the Sword of Justice from the Underworld – a sword that grants the bearer great power and abilities. But with the abilities come a great responsibility – that of protecting Earth and all life upon it. Now, Rod stands between the universe and total destruction. Can he secure his own fate—and that of everyone else while under such immense pressure? Or will he lose himself, his family, and the world in the process?


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