CrossReads Short Takes: The Master Planner & A Christmas Home for Hannah

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Master Planner

God is Never Too Late

by Chinonye Ewenike

The Master Planner

There was a time I lived my life without knowing the reason why. Year after year I exist without knowing God’s purpose for my life; and when I see bad things happen to people, I begin to ask “what is the meaning of life?”

As a Christian I wanted to make decisions according to God’s will, but how can I do this when I don’t know God’s plans for my life? Sometimes I would expect a loud voice from heaven, saying, “Dear son, this is what I want you to do; this is the decision I want you to make, or this is the job I want you to take.” I grew confused and sometimes lie on my bed thinking about what the future holds.

I struggled with this and kept on praying to God for guidance.

Can you imagine what will happen when you don’t know what direction God wants you to go?

Every day most people live their lives without knowing God’s plans. Just like me, they exist without knowing the purpose of God in their lives.

I know everyone wants to be happy, and we all have some ideas of what makes us happy: But True happiness Emanates from following The Master Planner.

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t quit now!





A Christmas Home for Hannah

Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #15

by Joi Copeland

A Christmas Home for Hannah

All of her life, she’s only wanted to be wanted.
He just wants to inherit a legacy.

When Hannah Gallagher’s mother dies giving birth to her, her no-good father leaves her with her mother’s parents. They didn’t have much, but they loved each other. When her grandmother passes suddenly, her grandfather forces her to respond to an advertisement for a mail-order bride. Reluctantly, she agrees, but does everything she can to make sure the groom to be won’t pick her. After all, who would choose a barely educated woman who only knows how to grow the basic of vegetables and shoot squirrels for supper? And then her life turns upside down when she receives a letter asking for her hand in marriage. Doubts assail her as she gets ready to leave the only home she’s ever known and tries to convince her grandfather to travel with her.

Briggs Blackwood is stuck between a rock and a hard place. While ranching is in his blood, and he loves it, he has to meet one requirement to take over his family legacy: get married and produce at least one grandchild within five years of his mother’s death. Briggs never wanted to get married. Even though his mom and dad’s relationship had been loving and kind, he doesn’t know if he can have a loving marriage like theirs. Hoping his father changes his mind, Briggs waits until the very last minute to find a wife. After placing an ad for a mail-order bride, Briggs reluctantly settles on a woman from Illinois. Once she arrives, he finds her to be more than he bargained for.

Will Hannah and Briggs discover just how much they need each other? Or will life’s challenges become too much, with the only solution to annul the marriage and go their separate ways?


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