CrossReads Short Takes: The Great Battle & The Prince’s Pier 7/12/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Great Battle

(Guardians of Allon Book 1)

by Shawn Lamb

The Great Battle

The vast splendor of the Almighty’s compound graced the Region of Sanctuary. With wisdom, compassion and justice, Jor’el utilized his immortals Guardians as administrators of the kingdom.

For centuries, the mortals lived in peace and prosperity under divine guidance. They went about content with life – or so they thought.

Guardians interacted with mortals on a daily. They offered protection and order. They were content in their role – or so they thought.

When one Guardian upsets the balance, the consequences are devastating. For the first time ever, Guardians will face each other in war. Can the kingdom survive a battle of immortals?





The Prince’s Pier

(King’s Crossing Book 2)

by Lisa Prysock

The Prince's Pier

Will an inheritance and destiny ruin everything, or make room for love?

Miss Margaret Wright, fondly called Maggie, grew up on King’s Crossing near Prince Edward Island in a comfortable farmhouse near Raleigh Point Castle. The daughter of the master farmer tasked with managing the farmland for the royal family at the turn of the century, she and her sister have reaped the benefit of a good education, fine tutors, piano lessons, and ultimately, finishing school.

While some part of Maggie has longed to find acceptance among the nobility who frequent the glamorous Prince’s Pier, she has largely remained content with her lot in life, taking in sewing for ladies of noble birth, destined to marry a farmer like her father. Will stunning news received on her twentieth birthday along with unexpected events change everything as she meets the man of her dreams and finds herself swept into a crisis of not only the heart, but turmoil and subterfuge surrounding her identity?

Get your copy of this Inspirational dual timeline novel and enjoy sweet Royal Romance amid the mysteries of the Regency Era contrasted with Edwardian life in the countryside with the opulence and splendor of the Gilded Age.

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