CrossReads Short Takes: The Fighting Son & Heart Attachments 3/1/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Fighting Son

(Flying People Series Book 3)

by Danny Mac

The Fighting Son

Having retired from the Special Forces to work retail security, Rod is certain of his past and confident in the future. That is, until the day he steps into his familiar cozy kitchen only to realize it’s not so cozy after all. Rod is sent plummeting into another dimension and he’s right back in action. But with the support of his high school sweetheart, surely he can take on anything. Beginning an extraordinary adventure, Rod retrieves the Sword of Justice from the Underworld – a sword that grants the bearer great power and abilities. But with the abilities come a great responsibility – that of protecting Earth and all life upon it. Now, Rod stands between the universe and total destruction. Can he secure his own fate—and that of everyone else while under such immense pressure? Or will he lose himself, his family, and the world in the process?





Heart Attachments

How what you love shapes your thinking, behaviors and destiny

by Bruce J Hammond

Heart Attachments

Are there behavioral patterns that you can’t seem to change?
Does it feel like your value as person ebbs and flows based on your performance?
Do your relationships lack real connection?
Do you become anxious when your life doesn’t look a certain way?
Are you dissatisfied spiritually and wonder what the focus of the Christian life should be?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, Heart Attachments is for you. Bruce Hammond takes you on a journey into new territory, challenging your notions about how you see God and how He sees you. This book takes a look inside, into the workings of the soul, exploring what it means to have a heart attachment and how it affects every area of life. Heart Attachments will shift your worldview and awaken a hunger for Jesus Christ.


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