CrossReads Short Takes: Tears of a Puppet & FATHERS IN ACTION

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CrossReads Short Takes

Tears of a Puppet

Young Adult Christian Fiction

by Midori Law

Tears of a Puppet

Why does God allow bad things to good people? That’s the question no so-called Christian wants to answer sixteen-year-old Jeremiah. As his numbness towards Jesus grows with every foster family he joins, he finally meets one man, who chooses to not give up on him. This man doesn’t run from the question but rather embraces it through seven life lessons he learned himself. As Jeremiah’s understanding of God increases, so does his frustration with God’s character. Does Jeremiah find healing from his horrifying past, or does he embrace his pain well beyond repair?






For the sake of their children



This book is all about fathers taking action for the sake of their children lives. If fathers can act they can define the path their children and generations will take. Fathers are endowed with special grace for their children but many are the times that anointing is not put in use or is misused. Fathers who neglect their roles regarding their children do die with untapped blessings and their children do suffer fatherhood kwashiorkor. There are so many things that fathers can do to better their children lives as discussed in this book. The biblical and real life situations used in this book touches every father in the world. There is a call for fathers to rise up and use their God given abilities to shape the future of their children and generations.


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