CrossReads Short Takes: Tapping Into The Anointing Of God & Doctrine of Sound Words

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CrossReads Short Takes

Tapping Into The Anointing Of God

The Mighty Presence And Power Of God To Accomplish The Will Of God

by Sheldon D. Newton

Tapping Into The Anointing Of God

The precious anointing and power of God! It is the greatest force in existence.

When His Presence and power is active in our lives miraculous things take place. His anointing is available is bring healing to the sick; deliverance to the captives; wholeness to the broken-hearted and salvation to the lost. Learn how to tap into the anointing of God and be transformed from the inside out. Let His power flow through you through gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, bringing help, healing and hope to others. God desires to use you for His honor and glory. He wants you to walk with Him and to minister to others in Jesus Name, experiencing His holy power as He moves in mighty ways, destroying the yokes of bondage. Get this life-changing book and learn how to tap into God’s anointing today.





Doctrine of Sound Words

Summary of Christian Theology

by Martin Murphy

Doctrine of Sound Words

Doctrine of Sound Words is a book of Christian doctrine in topical format. It covers a wide range of theological topics such as, the triune God, creation, providence, sin, justification, repentance, Christian liberty, free will, marriage and divorce, Christian fellowship, et al). There are thirty three topics beginning with “Holy Scriptures” and ending with “The Last Judgment.” It is a systematic theology for laymen based on the full counsel of God. The topical format is derived from the Westminster Standards which covers the major doctrines of Christianity. It also includes the Westminster Larger Catechism with the author’s commentary.

This book contains a summary of Christian theology in understandable language. Since sound words are necessary to maintain theological integrity for every generation, you will not be disappointed with the challenges that accompany this study of Christian doctrine. Pastors and teachers will find this volume particularly helpful in preparation to preach and teach. The endorsement by an Air Force Chaplain summarizes the worth of this book. “The Westminster Confession and Catechisms, while timeless in their truth and accuracy, have few commentaries that are truly practical and as applicable as this work by Martin Murphy. This is a truly readable and accessible commentary with no peer. A must-have for every Reformed pastor and layman!”


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