CrossReads Short Takes: Stella & Ingrid’s Intention 4/26/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes


Prairie Roses Collection Book 24

by Patricia PacJac Carroll


1850 California Trail
Stella Williams was resigned to a life on the farm like the rest of her five sisters, but she wanted more. Then the Seth Morgan wagon train rolled into town, selling dreams with a future rich in California gold.
Brody Cannon wanted to go west so badly he could taste it. Dreams of California swept over his mind, wiping away anything else, but he needed a wife.
Thrown together, two young dreamers set out on the adventure of a lifetime. But can Stella and Brody’s new marriage survive an older sister, a nosy biddy with a jealous daughter, and the hardships on the trail?

Sweet Christian Historical Western Romance





Ingrid’s Intention

The Suffrage Spinsters – Book 13

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Ingrid's Intention

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