CrossReads Short Takes: Silver Mountain & Tall Pines Sanctuary 9/28/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Silver Mountain

(Montana Meadows Book 3)

by Lisa Prysock

Silver Mountain

Miss Jillian Hayes of Honey River Canyon in Montana Territory has worked hard to prepare for her dream of becoming a teacher in the Wild West. However, she is stunned when her new teaching position and harsh winter weather conspire to trap her on Silver Mountain, forcing her into a loveless marriage with a handsome British stranger.

The handsome British stranger, Trenton Sterling, the Duke of Weatherly, recently arrived at Silver Mountain on a mission to retrieve a blue sapphire his reclusive uncle offered to sell to his dear friend, the Prince of Wales. Bertie desires the sapphire as a gift for his wife, the Princess of Wales. Trenton never imagined his uncle would die without a chance to tell him where he hid the blue sapphire. Nor did he imagine he’d find himself obligated to marry a schoolmarm shortly after becoming the ward of his recently orphaned niece.

When he becomes embroiled in a deadly game of revenge in the Wild West, Trenton Sterling will need to unleash the war inside him, trading it for an external one, becoming a force to reckon with in a manhunt to capture and slay the vile and wicked outlaws who attempt to overrun Honey River Canyon, bringing harm to anyone in their path.

Be swept away in sweet and suspenseful western romance, filled with adventure, intrigue, and danger in Book 3 of Montana Meadows. Get your copy of this Christian Historical Romance Novel today. Silver Mountain is easily read as a stand-alone or enjoyed with the whole series.





Tall Pines Sanctuary

by Sharon K Connell

Tall Pines Sanctuary

Twenty-four-year-old artist Faith O’Callaghan is convinced her grandfather’s death was not an accident. Gramps bequeathed his magnificent log cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to her, and she loves living and painting in the quiet solitude and shadow of the Rocky Mountains. But Faith needs to find out what really happened to her beloved Gramps.

Faith’s fiancé, Josiah, has discharged from the Army after not hearing from her for months. She won’t answer any of his correspondence, and he doesn’t understand why. But he plans to get to the bottom of it.

Was Gramps’ death an accident, or murder? Will Josiah get his answers? Who is snooping around the cabin… and why?

Tension mounts in this Romantic Suspense with Mystery as the realization that not only Gramps’ prized golden medallion is missing, but so is the antique heirloom engagement ring Faith thought had been returned to Josiah. Then there’s the matter of the papers for her grandfather’s abandoned gold mine. Who has them?

Is there a Rocky Mountain, traditional Native American wedding in the future for Faith and Josiah… or heartache and danger?


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