CrossReads Short Takes: Seeing The Life & The Trouble In Willow Falls

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CrossReads Short Takes

Seeing The Life

by Sophie Dawson

Seeing The Life

Dassa and Micah begin their life together in Bethlehem with joy and tragedy. Joy of new friends, the birth of their son, and his tragic death at the hands of the king’s soldiers. The hand of God moves them to Jerusalem where Micah is a scribe to the metal merchant Joseph the Arimethean. In the heart of Israel, they live the events occurring during the occupation by the Roman Empire. Tensions are high and then there are the stirrings of a young rabbi from Nazareth.

Micah, Joseph, and their families follow the ministries of John the Baptist and Yeshua, a poor carpenter from Nazareth. Is he the Messiah who will lead Israel against the Roman army? Is he a fraud, a cohort of Satan? Or is he something else? The crowds cheer him, then want to stone him. They hail his arrival then, cry for his execution.
Through it all, Dassa, Micah and their family observe and wonder about who exactly is this Yeshua, whom they’ve known since the night of his birth. How will this man impact them, Israel, and the rest of the world?

Surround yourself with the culture and family life of first century Jerusalem Seeing The Life of the one man who changed the world.





The Trouble In Willow Falls

(Willow Falls Series Book 2)

by Pat Nichols

The Trouble In Willow Falls

Months after submitting her first novel to publishers, Emily Hayes receives one response—a rejection. When famous artist Naomi Jasper offers her much-needed cash to finish writing, then cast and direct a play about Willow Falls’ colorful history, Emily faces a difficult decision—postpone rewriting her novel or accept the offer. Aware the project has a high probability of failure she attempts to recruit the one person who has the experience she needs.

Rachel Streetman is one audition away from jump-starting her lackluster acting career. When an unexpected incident sends her fleeing to Willow Falls and reeling back into Charlie Bricker’s arms, she reluctantly accepts Emily’s offer. An invitation to audition for a play in Atlanta’s premiere theater forces her to choose between loyalty and her life-long dream.

If anyone understands broken hearts, it’s Willow Inn’s beloved innkeeper. Sadie Liles learned to live with the fact that love is the last thing she’ll ever find. Then he walks through Willow Inn’s front door.

When a scathing blogger review and a negative Atlanta television newscast threaten Willow Falls’ premiere as a North Georgia tourist destination, the town council invests the remainder of its annual budget to hire a PR firm to restore the town’s image. At a town-hall meeting, angry residents brainstorm ideas to address the problem. When a second Atlanta television station announces plans to film a segment for its Around Georgia series, residents dig deep to invest their time and limited resources to boost Willow Falls’ appeal.

As the town prepares for Redding Arms’ grand opening, five newcomers and one British tourist test the town’s quirky, lovable, argumentative residents. Dealing with the strife, bickering, and personal backstabbing challenges Willow Falls in ways the small town never imagined. Could it be that the trouble in Willow Falls is the very thing that reminds its residents that honesty, love, and loyalty to one another is what binds them together?


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