CrossReads Short Takes: Saving Danielle & Divine Legacy of Love 2/8/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Saving Danielle

The Women’s Work Exchange

by Lynn Landes

Saving Danielle

She has a promise to keep

Widowed immigrant Danielle Barrington has a dream to help women provide for themselves in a time where that is unheard of. Left with a one-year son and a promise to care for him, she sets out to create a better life for herself and others like her.
Danielle is a struggling single mother desperate to make an income. Inspiration strikes when she sells a cake after church. She discovers other women who want to care for themselves despite their circumstances. They are single mothers, divorced, widowed, and some, like Taylor, are in a bad situation. The Lord plants a seed, and the Women’s Work Exchange is born.
Isaac Parker accompanies his mother on a tour of the Women’s Work Exchange. He meets a captivating woman with goals and ideals that mirror his own. Will she give him a chance to prove that his heart is true?





Divine Legacy of Love

by Tori Hines

Divine Legacy of Love

One can’t choose their family; especially when adopted. Emmaline Kensington, who was diagnosed with ADHD, soon realized this when she was deemed an embarrassment to her elite parents and their gifted and beautiful younger biological daughter. Fortunately, her recently jilted friend Carrie gave her an ancestry kit for her 24th birthday that found a grandmother who had been searching for her only living kin. Together, they traveled to Charleston SC to visit and learn about her history in the weeks before ‘Belle’ passed away. Unexpectedly, Emma became an heiress and owner of a 160-year-old historic mansion that was once a B&B, soon becoming attracted to its maintenance man. Yet life was far from tranquil when previous family issues follow her involving an unexpected death that interfere with her wedding plans. Could Emma leave her past trials and tribulations behind to start over anew without chaos and disruption or would it forever follow and haunt her? Join Emma and Carrie as they attempt to rebuild their lives through faith and perseverance while seeking a new beginning.


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