CrossReads Short Takes: Redemption’s Hope & God’s plans and purpose for humanity 7/27/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Redemption’s Hope

(Western Dreams)

by Kathleen D. Bailey

Redemption's Hope

Two distinct sets of villains. Two orphaned children. A man without a country and a woman with too much past…All in a rambunctious young country where anything goes, especially in the West. Seriously. What can go wrong?

In this latest installment of the best-selling series, “Western Dreams”, join Jenny and White Bear as they cross the historic West in an epic story peppered with grit, guns, and glory that award-winning author Kelly Goshorn calls “a sweeping tale of faith, dedication, and perseverance set in the American west.”

“…masterful wordsmithing!” says Clarice G. James, author of “The Least of These,” “Party of One,” “Double Header” and “Manhattan Grace.”





God’s plans and purpose for humanity

by Henry Perez Miranda

God’s plans and purpose for humanity

Have you ever wondered how you came to be? Do you ever wonder how the universe came into place? Do you wonder what your purpose is in this world? Henry Miranda’s “God’s Plan and Purpose for Humanity” takes us on a journey through the beginning of the world, God’s unwavering love for man, and down through His very plan for each and every individual on the surface of the earth. Delving deeply into how man’s existence is based solely on God’s purpose for you and me. It, however, exposes the need for each believer to guide their loins in constant, unwavering fellowship with God while tapping into the full potential of their purpose on earth. It is not only an exciting time learning about God’s overwhelming love; “God’s Plan and Purpose for Humanity” sheds light on the need to search for God diligently and wholeheartedly and seek genuine salvation from him to discover His beautiful plans for you and me. This book also provides deep insight into how we can reclaim the fellowship that our first parents, Adam and Eve, lost and why God is so committed to reconnecting us in our fellowship with him. The juicy part of this book is how the author provides hidden secrets on how we can effortlessly love God and, as a result, be in eternal fellowship with Him.


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