CrossReads Short Takes: Rebirth & The Woodbender 5/22/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Rebirth: The Time Guardian Series

by Q.B. Finn


A scientist developed a time machine to undo an abuse he experienced in his youth. Before he could accomplish this personal mission, the FBI commissioned him and his team to prevent a terrorist act in the past. Unfortunately, these two missions took a back seat to their accidental entrance into different historical events. How can they stop their time hopping, restore history to its correct setting, and return home safely? Not only are they traveling through time, but they are racing against time.






The Woodbender

(War of the Nephilim Book 1)

by Tripp Berry

The Woodbender
Top 100 Best Seller!

What would you do if evil men came out of the dark to take the one you love?

In a time gone by, the Earth grew green, lush, and was full of violence. People competed with other people, dangerous animals, and wild dinosaurs to survive. But not Kenan Blacktree. He survived just fine as a peaceful woodbender out on the canopy edge of the great trees of Edeer.

Until the White Spiders attacked. They came for slaves and found many, including Anna. Recently betrothed to Kenan, she finds herself in the fight of her life.

Will the young people of this backwater village be able to stop the White Spiders and rescue those who were kidnapped? Will Kenan understand the reality of God Almighty? And will God help Kenan overcome overwhelming odds in battle?

Praise for The Woodbender

“This is an excellent book and HIGHLY recommended to any fantasy and SCI-FI fan. This is just a great adventure story and will leave you wanting more.” Chip, Amazon Customer

“The Woodbender far exceeded my expectations. The book is phenomenal and very difficult to put down. Plot twists throughout, exciting moments, heart wrenching moments, plenty of action, and lots of comical scenes too. It really is one of the best books I’ve read in a while.” Kendall, Amazon Customer

“The best way to describe this book is Game of Thrones meets Apocalypto. It’s a world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist, the children of angels rule over the world, and Adam and Eve are not-so-distant relatives. There is plenty of action and the story is fast-paced, making the book hard to put down.” Travis, Amazon Customer

About The Woodbender

This is book 1 in the War of the Nephilim series. This action-adventure story with biblical themes is set in ancient earth with science fantasy vibes. The series has no described sex or modern vulgarity, though uses violence in action scenes. These books are suitable for high-schoolers and older. The author recommends reading the books in order, including side adventures.

Books of the War of the Nephilim Series

  • Book 1: The Woodbender – the White Spiders attack the villages of Edeer. AVAILABLE NOW.
  • Book 2: The Storming of Blackstone Castle – Kenan, Lidai, and Wren counterattack the White Spiders. AVAILABLE NOW.
  • Book 2.5: Crimson River Yard – a side story of survival in the fighting yards of Midreer. AVAILABLE NOW.
  • Book 3: Windward on the Sea of Fire – Kenan and his friends sail the ocean to escape the Midreerian’s nets. COMING SUMMER 2024!
  • Book 3.5 Hero of Ulneer – Finally, Tadd gets his own story! COMING CHRISTMAS 2024!
  • Book 4, 5, and side adventures coming in the future!

There are three kinds of dinosaurs: those that eat plants, those that eat meat, and those that men ride to war!

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