CrossReads Short Takes: Purify My Heart & Journey to Joy

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CrossReads Short Takes

Purify My Heart

by Ruthie Madison

Purify My Heart

Darlene, a lonely military wife had never imagined falling for a charming and mysterious man known as Diethelm. But when she realized what had happened she called upon God for help. Can God save her from her own destruction? Or is it to late?Diethelm the warlock came to Darlene’s workplace with one thing on his mind: make her his bride. With the help of his sister and brother Diethelm schemed to separate Darlene from her husband and force her to live in isolation in Germany. It had worked until some unseen power had intercepted his plans. Is all hope lost for him? Or is there a higher plan for his life?




Journey to Joy

by Anne Perreault

Journey to Joy

Can she find joy where there has only been defeat and dishonor?

Tricked into indentured servitude, Joy Richards finds herself working for an abusive innkeeper. Her life is so destitute, she feels God has forsaken her. After one last desperate cry to God, a kind stranger steps in to take her away.

Can she trust this new circumstance?

Andrew Lloyd-Foxx abhors injustice. He can’t walk away from it. When he steps in on the young woman’s behalf, his own life is turned upside down. Burdened with his own loss, he has no room for anyone else.

Will the journey prove too difficult?


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