CrossReads Short Takes: Phil & Fern Halverson & Candice 1/10/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Phil & Fern Halverson

The Mysteries & Secrets of Intercession

by Michael Yeager

Phil & Fern Halverson

“Phil & Fern Halverson: The Mysteries & Secrets of Intercession” is an inspiring journey into the lives of a couple deeply rooted in their faith and spiritual calling. Phil and Fern Halverson, known for their profound dedication to intercessory prayer, lived lives that were a testament to the power of the Holy Spirit. Their unique ability to harness the gifts of the Spirit, particularly the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge as highlighted in 1 Corinthians 12, set them apart as influential figures in the Christian community.

This book delves into the remarkable experiences of the Halversons, offering readers an intimate look at how their daily commitment to prayer and obedience led to extraordinary encounters and insights. Renowned for their deep connection with the Holy Spirit, they were able to pray with such foresight that, as Billye Brim famously remarked about Phil, “He prayed the news before it happened.”

Through a blend of personal anecdotes, spiritual teachings, and transformative wisdom, “The Mysteries & Secrets of Intercession” not only honors the legacy of Phil and Fern Halverson but also serves as a guide for believers seeking to deepen their own prayer lives and connection with the Holy Spirit. Each page is filled with stories of faith, miracles, and divine guidance, offering a vivid portrayal of a life lived in full obedience and constant communion with God. For anyone yearning to embark on their own “God adventure,” this book is a beacon of light, illuminating the path of spiritual discovery and the power of living a prayer-filled life.






Runaway Brides of the

West – Book 19

by Janice Cole Hopkins



Candace Joyner gets to her destination as a mail-order bride to find that her intended owns a saloon with working girls upstairs. He also runs the town where there’s no church or honest sheriff. Learning that he might eventually expect her to work for him, she hides under the tarp of a mountain man’s wagon when he leaves town with his winter supplies. She’s watched Jude Mason, and he appears to be kind and most likely a Christian. She’d rather take her chances with him than with the dictatorial, unscrupulous saloon owner. But life on the mountain in the winter is tougher than she imagined.

Jude is stunned when he gets home to find a stowaway in his wagon. The beautiful woman seems to have no idea of how confined they’d be in his small cabin over the brutal winter. He hoped God’s promise not to tempt us more than we can bear applied to him, and right now it did. He’s so angry he’d like to throttle the woman.



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