CrossReads Short Takes: PERILOUS TIMES & A Few Bumps in the Road 4/20/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes


The Degrading Character of The Last Days

by Andy Ripley


In Second Timothy chapter three, verses one through five, Paul describes the character qualities which will be widely seen in the people of the last days. Although these are not necessarily qualities that are unique to the people of the final generation, as they are common to all generations of fallen human beings, the strong implication is that these evil traits will be dangerously magnified in the final days of history. The men and women of the last days will be more selfish, greedier, more boastful, prouder, more blasphemous, more disobedient, less thankful, more unholy, more unforgiving, more brutal and worse in every conceivable way when compared to previous generations. The complete loss of integrity and good character is what will make the last days so difficult to bear. This book attempts to describe how each of these character traits will impact society and how it is already affecting the world. And how up against the backdrop of this drastic societal decline, we will see the bright and glorious witness of Jesus Christ as it is reflected in the life of His true church.





A Few Bumps in the Road

(Idioms & Clichés Book 3)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

A Few Bumps in the Road

Judith Johnson takes her younger brother and moves from Western Virginia to Kansas as a mail-order bride after their parents die. Her husband, although handsome and charming, turns out to be a womanizer and has a drinking problem. Judith is determined to make her marriage work, however, and she keeps telling herself her situation could be worse. At least Calvin’s older brother is stable and responsible, providing a home for them on the farm where they all live. But farm life on the prairie can be hard in 1850, and Calvin’s attitude makes the struggles even worse. Where will it all lead? Does God have a plan in all this?


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