CrossReads Short Takes: One Hundred Stories of Faith? & Battlefield of Deceit 6/22/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

One Hundred Stories of Faith?

Live and Have Faith Volume One and Volume Two Second Edition

by Robin Cocks

One Hundred Stories of Faith

If you enjoy reading Holy Scriptures and short stories, you might like reading these stories!





Battlefield of Deceit

(Faith in the Parks Book 5)

by J. Carol Nemeth

Battlefield of Deceit


A diary on loan to the museum.
An old Civil War house on the edge of the battlefield.
Could these two things be connected?

Gettysburg National Military Park historian, Chloe Rogers, begins her research into both: to prepare for a donor event and to discover if it can be restored for public viewing. Chloe and her fellow historian, Clifford Weston, discover a virtual Pandora’s box in the cellar beneath the house revealing more questions than answers. Park policeman, Blake Hunter, becomes embroiled in the old house mystery but gives Chloe cause for concern when her widowed heart responds to his attentions. She’s simply not ready to move on. Is she?

When unwelcome things begin to occur, they realize they have to discover who’s behind them and soon. Will Chloe find the answers in a packet of old letters discovered in the cellar? Then there are the unexplained footsteps….


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