CrossReads Short Takes: Once Upon A Motorcycle & Stopped Cold

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CrossReads Short Takes

Once Upon A Motorcycle

True Divine Testimonies of Hair Raising &

Gut Wrenching Experiences On A Bike

by Michael Yeager

Once Upon A Motorcycle

Amazing and gut wrenching experiences upon a motorcycle. The stories that the author shares are from his own personal experiences on a Motorcycle. From the lower 48’s to Alaska, to the Philippines. Many times the Lord has intervened in his life to save him from accidents. God has also supernaturally, and divinely intervened, enabled and empower him to do that which would be impossible in the spreading of the gospel by the use of a motorcycle. Hang on for a wild ride as you travel with Doc Yeager and his many adventures on a Motorcycle.





Stopped Cold

by Gail Pallotta

Stopped Cold

Things aren’t what they seem in peaceful Mistville, North Carolina.

Margaret McWhorter enjoys a laid-back Freshman year in high school swimming and hanging out with friends—until the day her brother, Sean, suffers a stroke from taking steroids. Now he’s lying unconscious in a hospital.

Anger sets a fire for retribution inside her, and Margaret vows to make the criminals pay. Even the cop on the case can’t stop her from investigating. Looking for justice, she convinces two friends, Jimmy and Emily to join her in a quest that takes them through a twisted, drug-filled sub-culture they discover deep in the woods behind the school. Time and again they walk a treacherous path, and come face-to-face with danger.

All the while Margaret really wants to cure Sean, heal the hate inside, and open her heart to love.


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