CrossReads Short Takes: Maybe It’s the Mistletoe & A Christmas Snow for Sadie 11/8/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Maybe It’s the Mistletoe

Christmas Christian Inspirational Romantic Comedy Holiday

RomCom (Cupid’s Crossing Book 4)

by Lori Soard

Maybe It's the Mistletoe

She’s got a heart of gold and a penchant for starting fires…

In the small town of Cupid’s Crossing, Annie Klutz is known for her generous heart and talent for creating chaos. Determined to bring joy to her ailing grandfather and the other nursing home residents during Christmas, she sets out to recreate cherished memories. However, her well-intentioned efforts often result in kitchen disasters and unexpected fires, leaving her feeling embarrassed, especially when a handsome firefighter comes to the rescue.

Jackson Sullivan, a firefighter with a broken heart, finds himself constantly drawn to Annie, despite the chaos she brings into his life. Still recovering from being left at the altar without any explanation, he never expected to encounter an accident-prone, blonde beauty who ignites sparks in his heart.

Annie’s culinary mishaps and fiery incidents interrupt any potential romantic moments between her and Jackson. Can they manage to go a day or two without a calamity? With determination and a little luck, they might just pull off the most unforgettable Christmas celebration Cupid’s Crossing has ever witnessed, bringing joy not only to the seniors but also to their own hearts.







A Christmas Snow for Sadie

Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas, Book 19

A Christmas Snow for Sadie

When Sadie Alexander’s employer dies, she knows she’ll need to leave the household. Mrs. Ludlow’s son had already made improper advances, and now it would be hard to avoid him. Desperate, she sees an ad in a newspaper for a bride, so she mails a hastily written letter and travels to California on a wagon train. Being an orphan, she has no family to turn to. If the offer isn’t still open or the man looks unsuitable, she’ll try to find a job there. However, when she arrives, Mr. Laird is away with his construction business, and his older friend has been left to meet her.

Sawyer Laird couldn’t believe that he finally got a response from his advertisement for a bride after all this time, and it couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time. He still has construction contracts he needs to fulfill in Placerville, a gold-mining town that was no place for a lady. Well, she would just have to wait a while. He sure hoped she’d be the understanding sort.

Getting off to a rocky start at their first meeting, they both begin to see the other’s point of view, agree to call a truce, and decide to start over. However, Sadie is still leery of this man who puts his business above his potential wife. She’s not sure she wants to live that kind of life.


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