CrossReads Short Takes: Love Once More & We Called Him Yeshua

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CrossReads Short Takes

Love Once More

(The Abundance Series Book 4)

by Sally Bayless

Love Once More

Two orphaned babies, one overwhelmed uncle, one former fiancée…

One way or another, freelance editor Kristen Hamlin will keep her word. She promised to raise her best friend’s baby girls, should the need ever arise, and she meant it. Obviously, the twins should never be given to their workaholic uncle. After all, he’s the same man who broke his engagement to Kristen so he could spend more time with his real love—computers. But when tragedy strikes, leaving the twins as orphans, Kristen discovers that the paperwork was never done. He’s the legal guardian.

Entrepreneur Clay Norris has his hands full, taking care of his twin nine-month-old nieces, not to mention running his computer-gaming company. To make matters worse, his former fiancée claims she should have been given custody of the twins—not him—and has now suddenly moved in next door. Coincidence? He thinks not.

Once the demands of looking after two infants require a team effort, Clay and Kristen are inevitably drawn together. Old feelings rekindle, but the couple struggles to move beyond painful mistakes from the past. As circumstances conspire against them, can they learn to forgive one another, accept God’s limitless grace, and find the courage to take a chance on love once more?

“Love Once More” is a stand-alone contemporary Christian romance novel and is part of the Abundance Series by Sally Bayless. If you like a sweet, small-town romance, you’ll love this uplifting novel about a couple given a second chance at love.

Buy “Love Once More” to start this heartwarming inspirational romance today!

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We Called Him Yeshua

by CJ Penn

We Called Him Yeshua

“It may be hard to feel close to a God,” Anna said, “but it’s easy to feel close to a person.”

You may know him as the Son of God, by his Greek name, Jesus Christ. Anna knew him as a person, by his Hebrew name, Yeshua.

We Called Him Yeshua is a journey, following Anna and others, who all find freedom in the love and compassion of the wandering prophet. For Anna, the farther she follows Yeshua and the closer she gets to him, the stronger her love grows. Yet for other reasons, so grows her fear.

Many Christians may know about Jesus by what they read in the Bible or hear in a sermon. But Anna and the others knew Jesus by the warmth of his hand on their shoulder, by the thrill of his healing touch freeing them of an illness, and by the kindness in his voice.

What do you think it would be like to know Jesus as they did? To walk with him, as his disciples did? To talk with him, as his friends did? You can. And maybe that journey begins right here.

Escape the world around you. Fly back to the time when Jesus walked the roads of ancient Israel. Walk with him. Follow him. Listen to him. And through the other characters in this story, FEEL him—his love, compassion, and understanding. They called him Yeshua. Maybe you can call him friend.

And like Anna, you may come to say, “If he weren’t so human, if he wasn’t so full of love and humility, I wouldn’t love him so much.”


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