CrossReads Short Takes: Little Bits & Genna’s Fight

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CrossReads Short Takes

Little Bits

A compilation of short stories from the authors of Winged Publications

by J. Carol Nemeth

Little Bits

Here’s an eclectic mix of fiction genres presented in 15 short stories to keep avid readers moving through the pages. From multi-published authors at Winged Publications, this collection includes genres from cozy mysteries to Christmas tales, chased with a good measure of sweet romance and suspense in between. If your reading time comes in spurts and snips, try this fresh collection that packs a lot of plot into memorable tiny bits!

Christmas at the Crossroads – Janice Thompson
The Soldier’s Heart – J. Carol Nemeth
One Hour – Cynthia Hickey
Flamingo – June Foster
One Message – Eliza Scalia
The True Value of Cupcakes – Florence Witkop
The Tree of Life:Keedryn’s Story – LuAnn K. Edwards
Bye Bye Birdie – Dana Mentink
A Penney From Heaven – Bonnie Engstrom
Landscapes Beyond Color – Cindy M. Amos
Impeccable Timing – Rita Peterson
Forging Hearts – Christina Rich





Genna’s Fight

Will She Be Able To Discover Her True Self & Get Her Son Back In Time?

by Sheldon D. Newton

Genna's Fight

One Woman’s Incredible Journey To Overcome Abuse?

Literally kicked out of her home and forced to leave behind the life she has known for years and her only son – Samuel – Genna wanders in the dark alone, not knowing what to do or where to go. She enters a Women’s Shelter where she struggles to regain her sanity after years of abuse, shame and rejection. From uncontrollable crying to nearly committing suicide, the pain, at times, becomes almost too unbearable.

One magazine writes, “The story of Genna’s Fight is brazen and astonishing. It is superb because every theme and every moment is perfectly weaved together into an excellent novel…..Genna’s Fight is incredibly addictive and will have its readers racing through it, frantically turning one page to the next.” Can Genna regain her sanity? Will she be able to get her son back from her cruel villain of a husband, called Tom? it all boils down to what a mother is prepared to do!!!!!


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