CrossReads Short Takes: Lane Steen & Jenny’s Secret Diary

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CrossReads Short Takes

Lane Steen

(Valley Creek Redemption Book 1)

by Candace West

Lane Steen

To let go of the past she must confront it.
When Lane Steen discovers her father kidnapped her years ago, her fractured world shatters. A different world and a new family await to welcome her if she’ll only take the chance.
Will they love her? Or will she trade one hostile home for another?

Perhaps the journey will only raise more questions.

Who is her father, really? And what happened to him? Will she ever be able to forgive him so that love can heal her heart?
Valley Creek may be her prison, but perhaps it holds the unexpected. True love, purpose, grace, and redemption.
Join Lane on her search for the truth today!




Jenny’s Secret Diary

(Brides of Pelican Rapids Book 7)

by Lisa Prysock

Jenny's Secret Diary

Jenny Lindford is a southern belle from Lexington, Kentucky about to become a mail-order bride in Minnesota. The eldest of five sisters, she worked hard to help her ma hold the family horse farm together while her father was away fighting in the Civil War. Raised to be an independent thinker, she attends Miss Clark’s Finishing School after the war, and then tours England and France with one of her sisters under an aunt’s watchful eyes. However, it seems no one can see what she’s writing in that journal of hers.

Philadelphia-born Dr. Zane Beckham has led a privileged life. Not only is he world-traveled, but he’s entitled to an enormous inheritance from his father’s Pittsburgh iron foundry and railroad investments. The Beckhams have made a fortune during the war selling iron to shipbuilders, locomotive makers, and weaponry manufacturers. In his early thirties, Zane is ready to settle down. He’s been building a mansion for his bride in the small town of Pelican Rapids, and maybe a few other things, too.

When matchmaker Ella Milton brings these two together and they begin a correspondence through the mail, Jenny and Zane both have secrets they aren’t ready to reveal. Even Ella isn’t sure what these two hearts should do. Will her matchmaking efforts backfire when their secrets are revealed, or can love overcome the best kept secrets?

Get your copy of this Christian Historical Romance novella with an 1870s Victorian setting and enjoy the rich history, drama, inspiration, and humor in this sweet romance today!


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