CrossReads Short Takes: Kid on Purpose & Mountain Storms

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CrossReads Short Takes

Kid on Purpose

A Journey to Wholehearted Childhood

by Sarah Her

Kid on Purpose

What am I doing here? What does God want from me? Where do I belong? What do I do with my life? How can my life make a difference?

Kids ask some pretty hard questions, not just because the answers would take a long time to explain, but because you might be wondering the same things, too. You can both now discover the answers to these questions together–with plenty of art, puzzles and other fun activities along the way.

Kid on Purpose tackles some of life’s biggest questions in 40 engaging devotionals spread across 150+ pages filled with full-color illustrations and 20+ interactive activities based on human development, personal growth and mental health principles.

Each devotional focuses on a Big Question, presents a Big Idea and explores the relationship between the two concepts from 5 angles: “Know” summarizes each devotional; “Read” breaks down the Big Idea; “Think” challenges kids to reflect on the lesson; “Pray” leads kids in a conversation with God; “Do” enables kids to apply what they’ve learned.

Your child’s journey to making the most of their childhood starts here!





Mountain Storms

(In from the Storms Book 1)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Mountain Storms

When her family situation worsens, Aileas Douglas runs away, but she’s unprepared for the Wyoming mountains. A friendly dog leads her to safety, but his master just might pose the most danger of all, especially to her heart.
Wounded in the Civil War and deserted by his betrothed, Ian MacGregor becomes a recluse in a remote cabin in Wyoming Territory. He thinks Aileas might be an angel when she appears beside his sickbed, but even later, he’s drawn to her in ways he doesn’t understand. However, no woman would ever be interested in him now, and he needs to protect himself from another heartbreak, but is this even possible where Aileas is concerned?

This book can be read as a standalone or part of the trilogy. It does have a definite ending, although the family’s story continues.


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