CrossReads Short Takes: It All Started at the Masquerade & It Was Not My Time

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CrossReads Short Takes

It All Started at the Masquerade

by Janice Cole Hopkins

It All Started at the Masquerade

When Melanie Carter’s older brother decides she’s to marry Lott Jenkins, a wealthy man who has the reputation of being harsh and unbearable, she knows her life has just started on a downward spiral. However, she’s determined to trust that God would not want her with such a man and try to make the best of the awful situation. At a masquerade ball in Edenton, she meets a rather mysterious man dressed as a knight, and she can’t forget him.

Lucas Hall can’t forget Melanie either, but he might as well. Once she sees the hideously scarred side of his face, she’d be repulsed like everyone else. That’s why he wears a mask whenever he goes out, which isn’t often. He wouldn’t have gone to the masquerade ball if his housekeeper hadn’t tricked him into going. Now he’s haunted by a scene he saw between Lott Jenkins and Melanie. No woman should ever be treated with such disregard, but what can he do? If he tried to help, they’d take one look at him, and he’d be no help at all.




It Was Not My Time

by Anna Mitchell

It Was Not My Time

It was not her time!

This is a story that will provide hope for someone fighting for their life. As a stage three breast cancer survivor, Anna Mitchell is a living testimony that God still performs miracles today. As you read, It Was Not My Time, you will be taken on a journey full of strength, faith and unbreakable trust. Through the power of prayer, a strong mindset and persistent positivity, she was physically touched and healed by God. Medical proof of her healing came three days later when she had a CT scan and the results returned negative. No sign of cancer!

Through experience, the author realizes, that when tragedy strikes, people need to cling to their faith. Struggling with the fact that God chose her, she wanted answers. She got her answers and found her mission. She was chosen to share her journey with others in hope of shedding light in the midst of dark times. Most importantly, she wants to help others wrestling through the worst days of their lives and to share with the world that He is real and He heals.

“For no word from God will ever fail.” Luke 1:37


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