CrossReads Short Takes: If I Dream & Grandma’s Match for Garrett 1/24/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

If I Dream

(Arabian Nights Book 1)

by Anne Perreault

If I Dream

Her destiny is determined by her family.
Her dreams are overshadowed by her duty.

Six years ago, Fatima al-Fatah was married off to a man old enough to be her father. At first, she had hoped to find love and belonging in her husband’s established household. The reality has turned out to be much more grim. Jealous and bitter, her husband’s other three wives despise and constantly berate her. Fatima begins to believe in her worthlessness, as she has been unable to deliver the one thing her husband desperately desires. Things quickly go from bad to worse in the span of a night, leaving her struggling to survive.

When Dr. Zahir Sayeed failed to protect Fatima six years ago, he ran away in shame, never intending to return. He has only come back to his birthplace out of an obligation to his family. Little do they know, he carries

a secret that could send him to prison, or worse. When an accident brings Fatima back into his life, he finds himself drawn to her spirit and courage–an attraction that can only bring trouble. As he helps Fatima discover her true worth, he soon realizes that she is on the verge of uncovering a dangerous secret herself . . .





Grandma’s Match for Garrett

(Grandmothers Know Best Collection Book 2)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

When Garrett Oliver’s grandmother requests help on her ranch after her husband dies, Garrett’s father chooses him to leave Cades Cove, Tennessee, and go to Indian Territory. When he gets there, Garrett suspects his grandma wants to match him with her beautiful half-Chickasaw friend, but the more he sees of Wren Hudson, the less he resists his grandmother’s efforts. He wants to protect the often-shunned woman from the community’s prejudice and discover who’s vandalizing her place. But he’s supposed to return to Cades Cove, and Wren doesn’t plan to ever marry, so the future looks as unpredictable as the Appalachian weather back home.



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