CrossReads Short Takes: Identity Invasion & Mysteries of the Empire with Klaudius & Hektor

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CrossReads Short Takes

Identity Invasion

Identifying Demonic Infiltration of the Soul

by Kathy DeGraw

Identity Invasion

Have you ever wondered how demons can infiltrate a person? Have you felt the presence of evil but have not been able to identify the source? What about the voices you hear in your mind constantly talking to you telling you negative things?

Demons can and do infiltrate our souls and when they are in our soul they can speak to our minds, thoughts such as: “You’re no good,” “No one will love you” “Go kill yourself” “Your not worth anything” and many more.

Through Kathy’s years of experience dealing with the demonic realm she has written this book inspired by the Holy Spirit to help set people free from the voices they hear in their mind.

She has taken special attention and focus to discuss multiple personality disorder, a.k.a., dissociative identity disorder from a biblical standpoint.

Her desire is to educate professionals and ministers in this every important topic in order to bring healing and deliverance to the many people diagnosed with DID.

Kathy has taken the extra effort to explain the biblical truth from a basic standpoint so that secular and christian professionals together can gain a mass understanding on this topic.

She covers biblical teaching, our authority as believers, and explains the realms of spiritual warfare.

This book could challenge your thinking, but will leave you educated and informed on a subject that will go worldwide to bring freedom to a person’s mind that has been held captive for too long.





Mysteries of the Empire with Klaudius & Hektor


by Katheryn Maddox Haddad

Mysteries of the Empire with Klaudius & Hektor

Brothers, Klaudius and Hektor have just been kicked out of Rome by Caesar. They remember they have an uncle with a gold mine in Senegal, Africa, and decide to pay him a visit………..Though the brothers are complete opposites and argue half the time, they are expert mystery solvers. This is a light-hearted novel that will tickle your funny bone………..So, come along with Klaudius and Hektor as they encounter pirates, are shipwrecked, escape slavery, crocodiles, guerillas, and do the bidding of the village griot. Oh yes, and talk to giraffes and other animal ancestors at the insistence of the villagers………..Have fun as these two misfits try to fit in and solve mysteries of the empire.


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