CrossReads Short Takes: Icicles to Moonbeams & The Other Side of Yesterday 5/24/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Icicles to Moonbeams

Christmas Eve Blessings

by Sharon K Connell

Icicles to Moonbeams

A Christian Romance Suspense Novella of lost love, new-found love, and the testing of faith.Would life ever be the same for Alanna after the only man she’d ever loved died? A dog, a cat, and a handsome doctor cross her path and fill the void…at least for a while. The pets go missing, and she wonders about the doctor when he does too. But not until after he’s kissed her like no other man had ever kissed her, setting her heart on fire. A former coworker who is determined to win her adds more stress to her life. Should she give up her dream of a happy life in America, leave the home her husband and she shared for ten years, and go back to Ireland?





The Other Side of Yesterday

A Scottish Time Traveler Novel

by Peggy McGee

The Other Side of Yesterday

Nurse Abigail Adams escaped an abusive marriage by joining the Army during the Mideast conflict. However, when she obtains a head injury during an attack, a fellow soldier gives her his Scottish Crest medal for protection while waiting for help. Abby suddenly finds herself waking up in 1820 Scotland at a Mission School. During her healing, she becomes extremely fond of the family, especially young, handsome Christian McKirk, who is the pastor and introduces her to his faith. Despite falling in love with him, a set-up by the local doctor while assisting him, finds herself in danger with the need to return through the portal she came. She wakes up in the hospital while visited by the sergeant, Kirk, who saved her. Recuperating at his mother’s, they become very interested in ancestry always trying to rationalize her experiences. When her abusive ex comes back on the scene, resulting in an accident that sends her right back to Scotland to right a wrong, she finds herself in dire trouble again. Feeling torn between the past and present, she must decide where her heart and soul remains and who her true love will be while struggling to heal her physical and emotional wounds. Join Abby as she travels between two worlds and attempts to find her true self and love amidst all the chaos and confusion.


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