CrossReads Short Takes: I Am Not The King & How To Live The Christian Life Successfully…Victoriously 12/1/2021

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CrossReads Short Takes

I am Not The King

A Personal Testimony of Growth in Jesus Christ

by Allen TaylorI am Not The King

I Am Not the King is an intense spiritual memoir told in crisp, fresh language, a story full of dark moments that lead to a greater Light.

Through family dysfunction, a verbally abusive father, and religious legalism, the author enters adulthood angry, bitter, and confused. He oscillates between his self-imposed literary hermitage and bisexual escapades until an atheist college professor challenges him to think more deeply about the meaning of life. After a life-changing “upper room” experience, he spends the next twenty-eight years wrestling with God. I Am Not the King takes the reader on a wild journey involving broken relationships, workplace challenges, disappointments with other Christians, struggles with sin and temptation, and fear and doubt.

Allen Taylor shares with transparency and uncanny openness how he discovers he is not the king of his life. His story shows how anger and resentment turn to joy and peace in the arms of the real King.

More than a memoir, I Am Not the King includes discussion questions for group leaders after each chapter.





How To Live The Christian Life Successfully…Victoriously

A Practical Guide On Christ-Centered Victorious Living

by Sheldon D. Newton

How To Live The Christian Life Successfully


Becoming a spiritually mature and victorious Christian should to be the goal of every believer. And in this handbook on victorious Kingdom living, Dr. Sheldon D. Newton takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the scriptures & into a closer walk with God. Those who love the Lord and who are hungry and thirsty to know Him more and fulfill His will for their lives will find great delight as they discover the principles which lead to a deeper walk with Christ.. Dr. Newton shares on Christian commitment, dedication and consecration to the will of the Father, without which you’ll never fully understand or live out the purpose of God for your life.

These principles for victorious, Christ-centered living are laid out in a very practical manner, giving you the keys you need to grow in your walk with the Lord and develop in the fruit of the Spirit. Never again will living for Christ seem to be too hard to understand or apply, but you will know exactly what He requires of you and how to walk with Him. You will experience a deeper and closer relationship with Him and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life as a believer.


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