CrossReads Short Takes: Hunting the Spirit of Fear & Matter of Life and Death

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CrossReads Short Takes

Hunting the Spirit of Fear

by Shawn Beaton

Hunting the Spirit of Fear

The spirit of fear wants to make you and others a prey, but God is turning the tables on this vile spirit. Jesus Christ is giving His Church boldness at this time and this book is part of this movement. There are some in Hollywood and the government that would like to call you “deplorable”, but God is giving you a voice to respond. This is not a time to be timid, but a time to speak up and rebuke evil. Jesus Christ is no longer allowing the powers that be to determine what is normal. His Church will speak and declare what is normal.

In this book you will learn how the spirit of fear affects individuals and nations. You will also learn about your role in making your community and nation safer. Wisdom is provided for these chaotic and fearful times. Things are not out of control, but in transition. You will learn how to face the future with boldness and understanding!

In addition, there is provided within this book prayers for binding the spirit of fear and for its removal.
I also provide a Biblical understanding on some fear based mental disorders.

Jesus Christ faced the spirit of fear and won. You will learn how to beat the spirit of fear like Jesus Christ by learning from His example provided in Scripture.

It is my hope that you put the bear or spirit of fear on the run and make him your prey!





Matter Of Life And Death

by Brian Tate

Matter Of Life And Death

Officer Christina Rose reflects on her prior experiences in patrol, giving perspective to the matter of life and death she’s now presented with.

This captivating short story also cultivates discussion and debate on several hot topics. Use of deadly force, life and choice, legality and morality, sacrifice and safety, and consequences and destiny just to name a few. Perfect for debate teams; government, literature, and comp classes; book clubs; and criminal justice and police academy courses.
The story includes discussion topics and the details for the free quarterly essay contest.


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