CrossReads Short Takes: How to Use Money & Valley of Shadows

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CrossReads Short Takes

How to Use Money

by Chelsea Kong

How to use money

Live life better, and enjoy it better. Grow in wise in managing money and prosper. Do you want to have more money than you ever had before? You can make money work for you. Teach children up when they are young and they will be poor when they grow up. The Bible teaches us how we should spend. The Jews were blessed because they gave their tithes and offerings, but they also did more than that. You can find out in this book and this makes it easy to teach to the children. They will understand how God blesses us when we use money wisely.





Valley of Shadows

(Valley Creek Redemption Book 2)

by Candace West

Valley of Shadows

Valley Creek Redemption Book Two

A shattered heart.
A wounded spirit.
A community in crisis.

Lorena Steen gave up on love years ago. She forgave her long-time estranged husband, but when circumstances bring her to the Ozark town of Valley Creek, she discovers forgiving is far from forgetting.

Haunted by his past acts of betrayal, Earl Steen struggles to grow his reclaimed faith and reinstate himself as an upstanding member of Valley Creek. He soon learns that while God’s grace is amazing, that of the small-town gossips is not.

When disaster strikes, the only logical solution is for Earl and Lorena to combine their musical talents in an effort to save the community. But even if they’re willing to work together, are they able to? Or will the shadows that descend upon Valley Creek reduce it to a ghost town?


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