CrossReads Short Takes: HOW TO IDENTIFY WITCHCRAFT ATTACKS IN DREAMS & The Movement of Crowns Series 9/27/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes


Exposing and destroying evil works of the Enemy

(Dealing with witchcraft Book 2)

by Jeffrey Okaekwu


When men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares
The operations of witchcraft are everywhere; eating deep into the lives of people, and causing pain in homes and marriages.
Statistics show that witchcraft activities can easily be identified in most African countries because of the way most witches display their spiritual practice openly than in most western worlds where you will have witches as neighbors or as bosses and as coworkers without seeing any sign of such practice in them.
Many people are suffering from the attacks and manipulations of witchcraft in their lives, homes, and marriages.
One thing is certain and that is no matter how the operation of a witch or wizard is hidden from you, the spirit realm will always reveal it and this revelation is what comes to so many people’s dreams who are the victims without knowing the information that God wants to pass across to them.

This book explains the following
a) Why do people dream and don’t remember on waking up
b) How witchcraft manipulations occur in the dream
c) Some common witchcraft attacks in the dream and interpretations
c) Why people are served food in their dream and what is the makeup of such foods
d) How to identify the witch or wizard even when he/ she uses someone’s face to appear in their dream
e) How to overpower a witch and put an end to her evil attacks in your dream
f) Understand their time of operations, activation time of their spell, and how to alter it to work against them

g) How to carry out self-deliverance to purge witchcraft and evil deposits in your life through dreams

h) Some practical ways to flush out those deposits from your body

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The Movement of Crowns Series

by Nadine C. Keels

The Movement of Crowns Series

Even after devastation, all is not lost.

The Movement of Crowns: the chronicle of an indomitable princess

The kingdom of Diachona is on the threshold of war. As Princess Constance is coming into power, she suspects that her growing love for one Commander Alexander may be ill-timed—especially if this is the end of the kingdom as they know it…

The Movement of Rings: the chronicle of a beautiful prankster

Unrest is spreading across the Mundayne empire, where Naona is a spirited imperial servant. In the midst of national turmoil, how might Naona’s heart survive intact—even enough for a chance at love with a foreign man?

The Movement of Kings: the chronicle of an untried monarch

The young ruler of the Eubeltic Realm is faced with domestic and colonial crises, the bereavement of his family, and his curious attraction to a councilman’s modest daughter. Could everything in the king’s untried hands be on the verge of falling apart?

While this historical fantasy series does not have magical elements, the stories are set in a completely fictional world


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