CrossReads Short Takes: Green-Eyed Brides & Faith to Dance

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CrossReads Short Takes

Green-Eyed Brides

by Teresa Ives Lilly

Green-Eyed Brides

Four young sisters have come to Waterhole, Texas, hoping to fulfill the job of sheriff
Can a town accept these Green-eyed beauties, who can shoot and ride as well as any man as their sheriff?
Will the girls find a home and love in their new lives?





Faith to Dance

by Joi Copeland

Faith to Dance

He lives in fear.
She lives in a world of dance.

When their two worlds collide, will they have the faith to work through their differences, or will they be forced to go their separate ways?

Drew Erickson has a devastating loss. Six years later, he still has fears of the one thing he believes robbed him of joy. When his family decides to get involved, he is forced to face those fears.

Renee McCarthy mourned the loss of her parents by doing the one thing her heart desired: opening her own dance studio. When Faith and Hope enter her life, her world is changed forever.


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