CrossReads Short Takes: For the Love of Molly & Cherry Crossing 7/13/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

For the Love of Molly

Healing Hearts

by Tori Hines

For the Love of Molly

In 1880s Colorado, Anna Penske, the ideal daughter of a retired preacher and now a long-time teacher, had little hope of finding any romantic interest. Her complete opposite twin sister Molly, in contrast, left her dedicated young beau and eloped with the first good looking cowboy passing through town. It was not until she and her mother received a devastating letter from a pastor’s wife in the mining town of Wildwood years later that her sister had committed suicide, leaving behind her three children. Immediately leaving for Wildwood, Anna found her visit unwelcome and intrusive by Molly’s husband. Yet, she knew the children were hurting each in their own way, and she wanted to further investigate her sister’s demise. Through the help of a local pastor and his wife, she was offered a teaching position in the town. Yet, she had to wade through a myriad of devastating emotional entanglements for any of them to be able to heal. In the active mining town, she comes across many men seeking a wife, each with their own flaws. Could she forgive the circumstances surrounding her sister’s demise, in order to move on for the sake of the children? Join Anna, through her faith and strength, who learned how to navigate the emotional turmoil surrounding grief in order to forgive while finding true love of her own.





Cherry Crossing

(Montana Meadows Book 1)

by Lisa Prysock

Cherry Crossing

Jocelyn Hayes and her two younger sisters have inherited the family farm in Honey River Canyon, Montana Territory, after their parents perished in a blizzard. Fast forward to 1877, five and a half years later, Josie is no longer seventeen going on eighteen, trying to survive. At twenty-three, beautiful, vivacious, and independent, she has learned to succeed. She has a strong desire to expand Cherry Crossing into the horse farm Pa had always envisioned, but one man stands in the way, Jacob Hunter. Infuriated, Josie hopes to change his mind, but can she fight a man she finds so infuriatingly attractive?

Jake Hunter arrives from Philadelphia, running from things in his past, shaking his faith. After inheriting his grandfather’s trading post, the mayor’s mansion, and remaining town plots in Honey River Canyon, maybe a fresh start is exactly what he needs. He instantly clashes with Miss Jocelyn Hayes, the belligerent beauty who accuses him of swindling her out of the horse he purchases. Although he never met his grandfather, a man of honor, Jake is no swindler, but convincing Josie otherwise proves challenging and complicated.

When a cattle baron’s son turns up dead, fingers point to Jake, and now he must prove his innocence, win Josie’s heart, live up to his grandfather’s legacy, and carve out a place for himself within the community. In a rock and a hard place, he finds he can’t do any of it without his faith in God.

Get your copy of Cherry Crossing and let your faith soar with this suspenseful, inspirational, western historical romance. Sweet and clean with Christian themes, enjoy this wholesome, fun, faith-filled read today!


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