CrossReads Short Takes: Facing the Darkness & Unexpected Bride Bonnie

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CrossReads Short Takes

Facing the Darkness

(Against the Darkness Book 1)

by H. L. Wegley

Facing the Darkness

She scuttled the CCP’s biowarfare plans. When they catch her, she will pay.
Dr. Meiling Chen, a brilliant young virologist from the Hong Kong Medical School, is on the verge of a major breakthrough for manipulating the entire class of RNA viruses that would make gain of function hardly more than child’s play. She is offered an attractive postdoctoral fellowship at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to complete her work, and she accepts.
Knowing the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) plans to use her work to create deadly bioweapons, she memorizes but does not document her important findings, deletes all her data files, and tries to escape to America with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents in pursuit.
Escaping China with its surveillance and social credit system is not easy. And even if Meiling is successful, can she find someone she can trust in the U.S. who will allow her to continue her work, using it only for good? But treachery is a capital offense to the CCP and PLA, and it never goes unpunished.
Ryan Adams, a meteorologist at a Bend, Oregon TV station and a self-taught Christian apologist, said he’d give his right arm for a reliable source of info on China’s bioweapons program. He might get his wish, but it could cost him more than just his right arm.
Set in Wuhan, China, Hong Kong, Oregon, and Colorado, Facing the Darkness is a clean medical thriller that paints a picture of the cost of Facing the Darkness.





Unexpected Bride Bonnie

(Unexpected Bride Series Book 4)

by Margaret Tanner

Unexpected Bride Bonnie

Join the adventures of a female wagon train boss.

Her father’s accident forces Bonnie Sweeney to guide a wagon train of women and children from New Mexico to Cheyenne.

Stalked then attacked my marauding Comancheros, the wagon train is rescued by passing drovers.

Trail boss, Dean McClintock, has no choice but to reluctantly escort these women to safety.

Will the wagon train guide turn out to be an unexpected bride for the trail boss? Or will they part company in Cheyenne and go their separate way?


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