CrossReads Short Takes: Demons in the Bible & Lydia’s Lot

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CrossReads Short Takes

Demons in the Bible

by Sonny Shanks

Demons in the Bible

having a desire to find out if demons are real, metaphor, or “mental issues”, i have researched the scriptures to see what the Bible has to say about them. i was quite surprised. i share answers in this book, beginning with the backstory of what led me to this study.





Lydia’s Lot

(Westward Home and Hearts Mail-Order Brides Book 7)

by Lisa Prysock

Lydia's Lot

Forbidden to marry Heath, the one man she truly loves, Lydia Catherine Hayden, an American heiress from Boston, boards a train and heads west to become a mail-order bride when matchmaker, Milly Crenshaw, introduces her to Wyatt from Iowa. Five years have gone by, and she isn’t interested in any of the society gentlemen of whom her father would approve. Her love for Heath has turned to a mild hate since hearing he married someone else.

When the Wild Whitman Gang involved in an Iowa train robbery use orphans traveling west as human shields to make their escape, they converge on Lydia’s marriage ceremony to Wyatt, killing him and abducting the heiress in the process. Things don’t seem to be going well for the architect’s daughter and she’s in a heap of trouble.

When Heath, now a widowed U.S. Marshal in Des Moines, returns home to Boston to visit family, he decides to sign up for Milly Crenshaw’s mail-order bride agency services in hopes of settling down and becoming a farmer. After Milly learns Lydia is now widowed and being held captive somewhere in Iowa with seven orphans from New York City, she pulls Heath into the case, urging him to find her, and marry her if possible. But first, he has to track down one of the most notorious, dangerous, gun-slinging gangs the Wild West has ever known. Then, he has to win Lydia’s heart all over again, if he isn’t shot and killed first in the process.

Get your copy of “Lydia’s Lot” today, an exciting new addition to the ‘Westward Home & Hearts’ series. You’ll be turning the pages in this sweet, suspenseful, Christian Historical Western Romance to find out what happens next. Easily read as a stand-alone.


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