CrossReads Short Takes: Consuming Fire & ROAR 3/8/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Consuming Fire

A Plastic Surgeon’s Desire

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Consuming Fire

God is a Consuming Fire and this surgeon knows this beyond a doubt. For this reason, he devotes his life to helping others heal in body and spirit.

This Charismatic specialist is pursued by many yet known personally by only a few.
When he sets his sights on Sage his new R.N. she confuses his mind and leads him on a merry and somewhat hilarious chase.
Sage Lauren Grace Saunders changes her life direction when she becomes employed by the handsome reconstructive surgeon. Working for him in a five-day-a-week job with no shifts means a better social life without any ties. Doctor StClair’s patients consider him an enigma; however, no one is permitted familiarity beyond his professional boundary, although many women do try.

Having been married once, with his wife leaving him for a man she considered to be a better catch, he has no intention of making the same mistake twice. His reconstruction surgery for deformities and burns is renowned as is his history of determination to do things the right way. The one thing he wants since meeting his beautiful new R.N. is to know her better.
He persuades her to travel with him to an Outback missionary clinic.

Sage, who has never ventured beyond the city limits, is spellbound by the exotic animals and endless terrain. This trip will change both of their lives with Sage finding her true self and discovering what it is that makes Javin and his parents stand out from the people she has always known.

They all share an inner peace she wants and comes to understand as she discovers Jesus as her savior. Reading this book you will discover the Australian Outback is like another place in another time. It whisperers a spirit of compassion, kindness, love, and romance, – sending the souls who venture into its kingdom on a journey of no return to worldly desires.






Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense

(Spiritual Warfare Series Book 2)

by Linda K. Rodante


5-Stars. “What a great book. The tension is high. The characters are exciting and brave. The plot is a roller coaster adventure.” Twitter reviewer. Dancer Becca Stapleton lives to magnify the Lord through dance, but when she becomes involved in a gangland murder, her life becomes anything but the dance she imagined. Tall, handsome Wes Lloyd helped her pull the body from the Gulf of Mexico, but is his interest in her real? And if the police are suspicious of his innocent bystander persona, shouldn’t she be? Luis Ramirez, the gang leader accused of murder, has hardened himself to the role he’s playing. Drugs, gang wars, and robbery are his life. But Becca and the man they call Reece have something he doesn’t have—peace. He’s not sure he wants it, but he can’t seem to get free of them or their caring. Not only are the police after him, but a larger gang is advocating for war, so he might have nothing to lose by investigating this Jesus. If, that is, he lives long enough. Book 2 of the Spiritual Warfare Series.
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