CrossReads Short Takes: Are We the Terminal Generation? & In Loving Katie Marie

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CrossReads Short Takes

Are We the Terminal Generation?

A simplified discussion of end time prophecy

by Christine Tate

Are We the Terminal Generation?

The generation who will be alive at the time of Christ’s return is called the Terminal Generation. This special generation will experience unique times unlike any other generation has witnessed before or ever will see again. But is that our generation? Enjoy twenty-five intriguing weeks of exploring how end time prophecy affects us in our world today as you decide for yourself if we are the Terminal Generation. Each week, this topical approach to prophetic events opens with a prayer and ice-breaker followed by a short Greek or Hebrew word study relating to the topic of the week. A lesson then explains the topic in simplified terms while commenting on what scripture has to say about the topic. Following the lesson are discussion questions focusing on relevant, modern-day applications that encourage group discussion on how the topic relates to our world as we know it. After discussing the weekly concept, optional suggestions are provided for additional ways to connect the topic to your week and then the study ends with a closing prayer. Broken down into individual unit topics such as Mystery Babylon, the Mark of the Beast, Israel, the Third Temple, the Day of the Lord and the Millennial Reign among others, this study simplifies the complex and often confusing world of prophetic events. Piece by piece, like a puzzle coming together, your group will develop a greater understanding of end time prophetic events and what it means to us, now. So, what do you think? Are we the Terminal Generation? It’s time to make the relevant connections between scripture our world and find out what scripture has to say about the matter.





In Loving Katie Marie


by Della M Strickland

In Loving Katie Marie

Can a spark of love,
A spark of courage,
A spark of faith,
Change a family destined for destruction?

All Lilly Noel ever dreamed and yearned for was a passionate, fiery love with a story to tell, such as her parents and her sister, LaBelle Boudreaux had.

All Pastor William T. Gallagher ever wanted was a family and a simple, leisurely, small town life, such as his parents had in Lafayette, North Carolina. And he thought, once upon a time, he had it. Then his wife Clara Lynne deserted him and their daughter, Katie Marie. Will found himself on the run from the law and DSS, having to leave everything behind to save what was left of him, Katie Marie, and his love for her, as his heart is held captive in the charred chains of a fiery, bitter past.

When Will and Katie Marie wash up at Lilly’s family seaside motel, The Pearlesque Fountain, her heart began to fall for both of them. But the more she flirted with Will, the more he withdrew. Until…taking the bull by the horns to “snag” her man she received the most stunning and passionate kiss of her life.

But a love as Lilly had longed for has a price. Lilly began to learn what that price could be as Will unveils his past.
Will understood why he “existed,” and worked to take care of Katie Marie. But Lilly… He couldn’t stop falling for her, but had to push her away, making it clear they had no future. He didn’t count on Lilly’s fighting side.

Then a strange woman appeared with secrets, a child, and a devious plan. Compelled by her faith to help this woman, Lilly knew she could lose Will.

Can love find a way through devastation, betrayal, to recovery and forgiveness as time weaves Lilly, Will, Katie Marie, and the strange woman together with his bitter past? Will Lilly be able to pay the price love is calling her into when the strange woman’s secrets are revealed?

Even fate can’t stop the fires of passion sparked by a heart of uncommon faith, love, and courage, a fire that propels Will, Lilly, and Katie Marie’s love story in an unforeseen direction. What will their end be? Come, dive in, and find out in, In Loving Katie Marie!


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