CrossReads Short Takes: A Valentine’s Wedding & The Healer

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Valentine’s Wedding

A Celebration of Black love Chronicles of Warfare Style

(The Chronicles of Warfare)

by Melinda Michelle

A Valentine's Wedding

Beau and Israelneisha have decided to tie the knot. Beau goes out of his way to plan a fairy tale wedding for his future bride to show her just how much he loves and appreciates what she brings to his life. Those close to Beau come with shady pasts, but they’ve all found Christ and have evolved into men of honor, but there’s always some residue of the past lurking when you least expect it. Beau thought he was inviting a friend to celebrate his nuptials, but it turns out that God had other plans. When Insidious finds out that Grey may get the opportunity to meet Stephan’s wife, Chantal, he unleashes a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. Grey may not fully understand who she is spiritually but meeting Chantal could give her just the information she needs to become an even bigger threat to the Kingdom of Darkness as they prepare for the next spiritual battles ahead. But wait… there’s more. There are TWO bonus features included. Enjoy!





The Healer

by Chaplain Paul Vescio

The Healer

magine being given the power to heal others. How far would you be willing to go with it? This is the fictional story of Orian who was given the power to heal others by God. Orian is a Christian boy’s name meaning privileged birth that is associated with the number 3… May God Bless You and your family from Chaplain Paul John 14:27


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