CrossReads Short Takes: A Return to Meadow Wood & Lunch Ladies

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Return to Meadow Wood

by Sam Rawlins

A Return to Meadow Wood

Jack Holden, a veteran with the invisible wounds of PTSD, is on a bus trip when it becomes apparent to him that his life is unraveling. This is the beginning of a journey that will take him from the horrors of war to a small town where he discovers a place of incredible beauty. It is a ‘Lost Eden’ where the presence of God can be found.

Spanning from the Vietnam era to the present, we follow Jack as he crosses the boundaries of life and death itself. Along the way he encounters the awesome fury of nature, pulling him into a place where he must face the even more destructive forces that have woven into the fabric of his mind. It is there his story becomes a profound spiritual experience.






Lunch Ladies

(What a Difference a Year Makes Book 3)

by Ruth O’Neil

Lunch Ladies

These are not your typical lunch ladies. Seven women. Each dealing with her own personal struggle. Satan attacks where they are vulnerable, yet through the power of prayer and the strength that can only come from the band of friendship, they will overcome, even if the endings aren’t all fairy tales.


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