CrossReads Short Takes: A Man For Beth & Seven Dispensations 8/11/2021

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Man For Beth

(Second Chance Book 3)

by Ruthie Madison

A Man For Beth

Beth Miller has no intention of dating again or to lose weight, but her mother encourage her to join a gym with her. When she did, she grabbed the attention of a man who didn’t seem her type; yet her mother coaxed her on and soon she formed a friendship with him. Could this friendship lead to something even greater?

Stanley Powers and his friend both were confirmed bachelors until an overweight woman walked into the gym, but with his bad experiences of dating, he wasn’t interested in knowing her. That was until his friend Larry encouraged him to give her a try, or least make friends with her. Can Stanley get past his own experiences to make a friendship work ?

Book #1 The Past Hunter Two Men: Her Past and Present (Second Edition)
Book#2 Baby Blues (Second Edition)
Book #3 A Man For Beth (A standalone)





Seven Dispensations

Examining God’s Dealings With Mankind Through Seven Time Periods

by Sheldon D. Newton

Seven Dispensations

A Theological Study On The Various Dispensations In The Bible Used as the primary book for Dispensational Studies at Berea Theological University, this concise, but comprehensive resource guides the ardent student of the scriptures into a clearer understanding of each time period laid out in the Bible. It shows the how and when each dispensational period begins and where each ends. It is the unveiling of the prophetic timeline which gives the minister and the believer a glimpse of what is to come. The “Blessed Hope” and the glorious future of the child of God is portrayed in a most marvelous manner. This is a theological study book, written in an easy and understandable manner so that any reader can gain clear insight into mysteries of the Word of God and the culmination of the ages.


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