CrossReads Short Takes: A Chance for Nora & I know What I Love You Means 9/20/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Chance for Nora

Last Chance Brides Book 36

by Joi Copeland

A Chance for Nora

Will the prodigal son make amends with his loved ones and find a happily ever after for himself in the town of Last Chance, Nebraska?

With the death of her mother, Nora Silverthorne finds herself longing for the only family she now has left, a half-sister she’s never met. Upon arriving in Last Chance, Nebraska, Nora struggles with the handsome stranger who greets her with shotgun in hand.

Nora’s guarded her heart for years against men and their conniving ways. She’s not looking for a husband, but the man intrigues her, putting her heart at risk, and possibly hindering her from connecting with her newfound sister.

Kingsley Jones ran away from home years ago, pushing away the only father he’d ever known, and in the process, cutting ties with his mother and brother. Finally on the road to becoming the man God intended him to be, he winds up staying with his cousin until he can get his own business off the ground.

When he meets the beautiful Nora Silverthorne, Kingsley’s world is threatened. Believing he’s unworthy of happiness due to the pain he caused his family, he pushes her away, knowing it’s only a matter of time before he hurts her as well.

Will Last Chance be Kingsley’s hope of redeeming himself? Will he allow himself to find love in the process?





I Know What I Love You Means

A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel

(The Love Series Book 1)

by Staci Stallings

I know What I Love

Abby Fletcher is in no position to date anyone. She’s not looking. She’s not in the market. She hasn’t been on a date in… well… it’s been a while. Content with her job as a school counselor, she likes the small town life she has carved out for herself. Quiet and unassuming, she is the perfect wall flower in society. But when a handsome stranger from the big city shows up, her world might take a turn she’s not ready to make.

Pete Caradon has seen it all. Twelve years as an NYPD detective has given him plenty of reasons to condemn humanity as irredeemable. When a case suddenly comes to an ugly end, Pete finds himself the one being investigated. His partner suggests a small vacation while things are being sorted out, and Pete reluctantly heads to his estranged brother’s house in search of a little peace and sanity. Instead, he may find his world has only just begun to spin in a new direction.

The Love Series by Best-Selling Christian Romance author, Staci Stallings explores the on-going trauma those who have experienced domestic violence in their younger years go through. Somewhere between trying to forget and trying to move on, these characters will give readers insight into how pervasively difficult it is to put the past in the past and leave it there. In the end, love wins, but the process to getting there isn’t always easy or straight forward.


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