CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Yaphe

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Yaphe: The Beautiful People

by Ruthie MadisonThe Yaphe

Sixteen-year-old Serene Thompson can’t wait to gain her independence. The mysterious and sheltered life she shares with her family is wearing on her, and she longs for a normal future—college, friends, a regular job, her own place.

That future remains just out of reach, thanks to Serene’s overprotective parents, whose whole life revolves around her sister, Faith, and her troubling dreams. Every time Faith has a nightmare, Serene’s mother becomes more agitated. Every time she dreams about a people called the Yaphe, the family must pack up and move yet again.

Who are the Yaphe? Why is her mother so afraid of them? And what mysterious secret is she keeping?

Serene finds a glimmer of hope when she meets Jacob Dresden, a young man who promises to help her find her courage, and the future she wants. She trusts him, but something about his striking appearance is troublingly familiar.

When he begins to raise questions about her mother’s motives for their strange life, Serene becomes deeply uneasy. Is he who he claims to be? By accepting his help, has she walked into a trap, and put herself and Faith in danger?


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