CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Elite of the Weak 6/6/2024

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Elite of the WeakBook 1 of Revelation Special Ops

How far will teen spy Hadassah Michelman go to free kids from modern slavery? Will she stake out all night in a West African Jungle?

Swim through a polluted river in The Philippines?

Climb through abandoned sewers in Rome?

At least the organization she wants to work for, RSO, supplies handy espionage gadgets. She hopes they’re enough to get her out of a thousand impossible situations.

She never imagined anyone from her team would encounter dinosaurs. Terrorists with biochemical weapons. Earthquakes in every corner of the globe.

Will she still rescue kids from traffickers when disasters surround?

Will she have strength enough to be the elite of the weak?

And if not, where will she find it?

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