CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Apostate Church Will Soon Be Here

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Apostate Church Will Soon Be Here

by James Thomas Lee Jr

The Apostate Church Will Soon Be Here

The main purpose of this text is to explain how this world has become an apostate world during the past one hundred years and how the local church is now becoming the apostate church. There are four parts to show how all of this has been happening. Part I starts with Satan’s rebellion against the Lord in heaven. It follows his path to the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. It shows his demonic activity with Cain, the wicked generation that led to the Great Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the cross at Calvary. After that, it shows how he tried to destroy the local church from without by persecution. In Part II and over the last one hundred years, the devil has continued trying to destroy the local church. It started with the development of unproved science theories like the Big Bang theory and the Theory of Evolution. It continued by removing everything that is biblical from the Public School System.

So the addition of the one and the removal of the other has had an overall negative effect on the world and the church. All of this is believed to be leading to the apostate church that will be in the world during the Tribulation. Part III of this text tackles the reverse side of that problem. It looks at four arguments that prove that some kind of deity exists. Then before concluding that part, it shows that that deity must be the God of the Bible. The Christian evidence for the Lord that is given in this text is convincing. Proof of that is the number of people who have believed through the years. Finally, Part IV will bring together everything from the first three parts and show how the church has already started to become the apostate church. The final chapter of this text will provide recommendations for what Christians should do during these times. The Church always has had to battle against the forces of this world. Therefore, what is happening now is really no different.

In reading this text, one might notice that some Facts and Observations are shown along the way in tables. In all, there are one hundred and twenty-five Facts and Observations listed in fifty-one tables. They have been included because they are a convenient way to track the conclusions that are being drawn in the discussions. Another thing that has been included is figures that show the different passages being referenced when and where they are being referenced. That way, the reader will not have to jump all over the place or get into or out of the scriptures to locate a particular reference. Hopefully that inclusion will also help the reader stay involved in the various discussions without having to look up references elsewhere. Finally, everything that has been done and said for this text is to bring honor and glory to the Lord. That has been the purpose of every book written by this author.


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