CrossReads Book Spotlight: Spiritual Truths Revealed 7/20/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Spiritual Truths Revealed

Unlock the Mysteries

by Jude D’Souza

Spiritual Truths Revealed

This book is replete with 60 articles taking a deep dive into Catholic Saints’ lives. As they are a constant source of inspiration for many around, these are written to achieve the same. Though, sparingly, many other articles are found in this book too, revealing spiritual truths through Scripture. Wisdom can be found wanting in our daily life. This book supplies that. A reader can unlock it here. Happy unraveling!

39. Mother Mary communicated with St Francisco through intense fatigue in his body when he went against her plan for him. She, being a spirit, communes with signs.
11. Saints are models. They sell Christianity. Other Christians are not to be looked at as representatives of the religion. This is same as top models who are used to sell brands in advertisements.
32. St Francis of Assisi’s way of knowing God’s will.
20. Intellectual Saints knew they were going to be these great people. They found their lives to be similar.
17. Saints were like small children and were babied in their community because of their innocence to certain societal evils. 36. How can you forgive someone easily? Go to a funeral.


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