CrossReads Book Spotlight: OVERCOMING THE SPIRIT OF FEAR 11/2/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight


by Michael Yeager


In an era clouded by uncertainties and dominated by overwhelming forces, fear has weaved its dark threads into the fabric of our daily lives. Dr. Michael H. Yeager delves deep into this alarming reality, shedding light on how the world has been ensnared by a gripping spirit of fear, as prophesied by Jesus. From tumultuous politics and terrorizing wars to global financial crises and pandemics, our world is in turmoil. Fear has become more than an emotion; it’s an industry, a weapon wielded by powers seeking control and profit.

Yet, amid this tempest of terror, a beacon of hope shines through. “Fear Not!” – a divine edict, a promise from God to every believer. We are reminded of our innate strength, that the righteous are as “bold as a lion,” while the wicked are haunted by their own shadows.

It’s alarming when the very shepherds of our spiritual realms – our pastors and leaders – are not exempt from this choking grip of fear, anxiety, and doubt. But there’s hope. “Overcoming A Spirit of Fear” is not merely a title; it’s a call to arms. Dr. Yeager provides spiritual tools and insights, meticulously crafted through wisdom and faith, to empower God’s flock. It’s a guide to shaking off the chains of anxiety, to rise resiliently, and to reclaim the fearless spirit that is our birthright.

This isn’t just a book. It’s a revolution against the shadows, an anthem for every soul that seeks to overcome. Dive in and find your way back to courage, faith, and a life unburdened by fear


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