CrossReads Book Spotlight: One Year Bible Reading Plan and Journal

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

One Year Bible Reading Plan and Journal

A 6 Day Per Week Bible Reading Plan and

Journal Designed To Read The Bible in One Year

by Sterling Edwards

One Year Bible Reading Plan and Journal

The purpose of this ONE YEAR READING PLAN and is to provide a 365 day journal that serves a resource to help prioritize spending consistent time in God’s Word. Busy schedules and daily routines vie for our time and attention. The urgency of schedules often interfere with various goals and priorities, including spending time daily reading the Bible and praying. There are many devotionals written to provide insight into what God reveals through His Word. These devotionals give exceptional insight from authors who know the Bible and know how to apply the Scriptures. Yet, as followers of Jesus, we can also grow in our ability to learn to read, reflect, and prioritize spending our own time study God’s Word. This journal provides a selected passage to read and a pre-lined space to write what God is revealing to you as an individual. The hope is that as we study God’s Word, we will become more and more familiar with how to read God’s Word, interpret God’s Word, and pray God’s Word. The goal of this resource is to make spending time in God’s Word and praying a priority each day of the year. The selected reading plan allows the reader to read through the entire Old Testament and New Testament, by reading six days each week. Following the daily passages, there is a space to summarize the passage, apply the passage, and pray for that day. On the seventh day, there is a day for reflection. Summarization The first section is designed to provide space to summarize the Bible passage that was read. There are lines provided to write summary statements that can be used to restate or breakdown the chapters that were read. This allows for the reader to carefully determine and discern the message that was read. Application In addition to discerning the meaning of the passage, there is a space provided to write down how the passage applies to our lives. This allows the reader to understand and the implications and practicality of what has been read. Prayer Finally, there is space provided for the reader to write down a daily prayer. This prayer can come out of what has been read, the Bible passage, as well as a prayer for personal matters, decisions, situations, and people. Rest, Reflect, and Remember Each week, there will be a listing where the focus of that day will be to pause and reflect on what God has been revealing. This is also an opportunity to focus on what God has provided and the promises that He continue to keep. A New Year There are many resolutions, promises, and new habits that we can begin in the new year. But, what if our true desire for this new year was to hear, know, and understand God better at the end of the year than we do right now? My prayer is that your commitment to spending time daily in God’s Word will not only be helpful, but that it would be absolutely life-changing. I am praying that each of us will look forward to spending time in God’s Word throughout the next year. – Sterling Edwards


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