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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight


From Dating Disasters to Dream Relationships

by Karen Weinstock


Your perfect match is out there. Discover the right tools and systems to find them.

Most romantic relationships end with breakups and broken hearts. But why? Because people randomly hit on as many seemingly attractive matches without rhyme or reason. Not the best way to find your perfect companion! The partners you keep pursuing are probably wrong because feeling chemistry is not compatibility, but lust. If your dating life is just not working, stop and discover new solutions to find your perfect match.

Karen Weinstock gets it. She got divorced after a fourteen-year marriage and began the quest to find her ultimate relationship. Managing a law firm and raising a young daughter, time was precious. She turned to online dating and discovered how many people are inauthentic, lie and mislead. But it doesn’t have to be!

Karen had a brilliant idea. Combining her business experience, research and relationship knowledge from years of marriage counseling, she created a unique system that anyone can use to find their ideal companion and exponentially increase their odds of quickly finding a romantic, intimate and perfect match.

This book provides essential tools and tips to:

  • Find your relationship why and determine your ideal partner
  • Build a solid profile to attract your most qualified matches
  • Discover how to effectively screen your matches
  • Grow your relationship from the first date and beyond
  • Evaluate your partner for long-term compatibility

Karen supports your journey, empowers you to be your authentic self, and helps you gain strength and knowledge to find an intimate, long-term, loving relationship.

Your ideal partner is out there. Your dream relationship is within reach. And with this book, you’ll have a much better chance of turning your dreams into reality.


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