CrossReads Book Spotlight: Lovers and Leavers of Leadville 12/28/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Lovers and Leavers of Leadville

A Christian Historical Romance

by Mary Lingerfelt

Lovers and Leavers of Leadville

Kat Cardanne is queen of the mail order bride scam, but she meets her match when a no-nonsense Christian detective takes the case. Kat has to use every last dodge in her bag of tricks to keep the big lawman from sending her to jail. Will he capture her — or will she capture him? Take a rascally romp through the Colorado of the 1880s!

“Boone Burton stood in the shadows just beyond the train station platform. He was wearing his best suit and was holding a bouquet of flowers in one big hand, but his eye glinted, and the lust of the chase swirled silently in his veins. Closing in on a wily criminal gave him the same quiet pleasure as closing in on a dangerous animal in the mountains. The uncertainty of the hunt was all the pleasure. The express had just arrived. The hissing locomotive inched to a halt just beyond him, breathing steam. “Katherine Cardanne” would certainly approach him as part of the crowd making its way to the platform exit. A tiny smile curved up under his mustache. He had to admit, he was curious to see what disguise she’d chosen this time. He scanned the crowd, and an odd figure half-hidden at the back made him frown, then utter a shocked crack of laughter. He couldn’t believe it. The woman was hobbling forward, slowly and painfully, on crutches. Boone made his face behave, but he still had to laugh at her nerve. He was going to send her to jail if he could, but he had to give the woman her due. She was shameless. And as she slowly approached, he had to admit that she was also one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. That was no doubt the reason she’d been able to part so many men from their money. She had blue-black hair, pale, creamy skin, and a face whose expression of patient martyrdom suggested a keen mind and a lively sense of humor.”


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